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Profit Monitor:

Profit Monitor calculates your bought/sold coins from the start of the current day (00:00) untill its end(23:59). Every new day is appended to your Profit Monitor History.

Profit Monitor calculates and output only your BTC balance, not your estimated value of holdings.

Profit Monitor Time Offset:

Profit Monitor can be adjusted to your time zone.That way you will be sure that the statistics that you see are based on your time not on the Poloniex's time zone (UTC).

Profit Monitor Refresh Rate:

Profit monitor refresh rate is in milliseconds.Default value is 15 minutes (900 000 ms).Every 15 minutes your profit history will be updated.You can change the refresh rate by changing the value of “Profit_Monitor_Refresh_Rate”.

Profit Monitor Stop ROI:

You can use this option if you want your bot to stop if it reach a specified percent of ROI.Default value of “Profit_Monitor_Stop_ROI” is set to 65000 % (No ROI Stop).


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