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Balance & Bank:

Ticker Check Interval:

Ticker Check Interval sets the delay between each Bank Monitor check.
Bank Monitor checks if holded funds can be sold for profit.
Only ETH and XMR banks are sold based on this setting.
Interval is in milliseconds.Default value is 45000 (45 seconds).

OPTION: Ticker_Check_Interval

ACCEPTED VALUE: Numeric(0-4,294,967,295)

Dynamic Start Balance:

DynamicStartBalance set to false:

When DSB is set to false the bot will look only for arbitrages that matches your BalancePerTrade value.

If the is arbitrage occurrence is for smaller amount than your BalancePerTrade it will be ignored.

DynamicStartBalance set to true:

When DSB is set to true the bot will treat your BalancePerTrade value as max balance per trade.

If there is arbitrage occurence for any amount smaller than your BalancePerTrade trades will be executed.

How is the BalancePerTrade per trade calculated if DSB is set to true ?

Without DSB activated the bot checks if:

the available volume is higher than BalancePerTrade * PairX_Volume_Multiplier

If DSB is set to true the bot calculates the balance per trade like that:

BalancePerTrade = Available volume / PairX_Volume_Multiplier

OPTION: DynamicStartBalance

ACCEPTED VALUE: Boolean(true/false)

Balance Per Trade:

Amount that the bot will use for each trade.

When DSB is set to true, Balance Per Trade value becomes MAX Balance Per Trade.

OPTION: BalancePerTrade



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